Tokomairiro High School

In 1966 our modern day school replaced the existing District High School which had its roots in the first school opened on the Tokomairiro plain in 1856, and our state co-educational high school catering for students Year 7 to Year 14, was the first of its type in the lower part of the South Island.

Tokomairiro High School 238 Union Street Milton 9220 New Zealand

Phone: 03 417 8620

No Major Drama

No Major Drama helps you learn about majors for Bachelor degrees from across all eight New Zealand universities* and rank them based on your skills and interests.

(*Auckland University of Technology, Lincoln University, Massey University, University of Auckland, University of Canterbury, University of Otago, University of Waikato, Victoria University of Wellington)

No Major Drama is designed to help you answer what's likely to be one of the most important questions you'll face in your life: What should I 'major' (specialise) in at university?

This question is important because of the lifetime benefits – and costs! – associated with university education. It's also of national significance given education's social and economic value and the scarcity of education resources.

Based on your skills and interests, No Major Drama lets you create your own personalised ranking of 181 major subject areas – eg. Accounting, Music, Zoology, etc – representing 740 specific majors for Bachelor degrees from across all eight NZ universities.

(If you are unsure of what 'majors' and 'subject areas' are, visit our terminology page.)

As well as personalised rankings, No Major Drama provides summaries of each subject area and links to carefully chosen Wikipedia articles, career opportunities, and links to the eight universities' web pages for all 740 specific majors available in NZ.

No Major Drama is quick and easy to use (5-10 minutes), and you can share your results with your parents and family, careers advisors and friends by email or on Facebook.

Created by Graduate Factory Ltd, No Major Drama is completely free – for individual users and schools. Schools can easily create customised versions of the software for their students.

The only software of its kind in the world!

Of course, universities present their own lists of majors for students to browse – usually in alphabetical order. But only No Major Drama brings all of NZ's eight universities' majors (740 of them!) together in one place and lets you create your own personalised rankings.

This means that you are more likely to find majors that match your individual skills and interests, while also being exposed to subject areas you might otherwise not have considered such as subjects not offered at school.

If you are interested in technical information about No Major Drama, especially its patented and award-winning algorithm, visit our technology page.

No Major Drama

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